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Cassaberry Consulting LLC
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Money Moves Workshop Collection
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How To Build & Distribute Wealth
While In Major Debt
The Money Moves Workshop Collection
1. What Is An LLC?
2. Developing A Business Plan
3. Protecting A Business
4. Expanding A Business
5. You Must INVEST
6. Family Wealth Development
7. Financial College Planning
8. Millennial Money Moves
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"You don't NEED to be an expert investor, you can just INVEST like one."

"The BEST way to Defeat Major Debt, is by accruing WEALTH,

"What company
do you PLAN to be CEO of, if not
-Trevor Cassaberry,
CEO of 
Consulting LLC.
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CEO of McCrary Financial Solutions
"Your savings account will NEVER give you a return that outperforms inflation."

"Ownership over Wages..."

"Investments over Savings..."

"Mind Your Business with Cassaberry Consulting"

-Trevor Cassaberry
CEO of
Consulting LLC.
Bobby S. (Brooklyn, NY)
"This was great and very informative. I came to be a mediator, and ended up learning right along with everyone else. This is definitely a solid breakdown of a business plan that works for any business that I can think of."
Akosua N. (Harlem, NY)
"The Family Wealth Development and Developing A Business Plan Workshops were by far my favorite workshops. 
I had recently started a Mobile Notary Business and the business plan workshop
gave me an understanding of what steps to take next" 
Kemar M. (Bronx, NY)
"My wife and I watched the whole collection. Our favorite is the Family Wealth Development Workshop. It was comforting knowing that we are better prepared for when we start our own family."
Michael T. (Detroit, MI)
"I keep going back to that You Must INVEST Workshop. I used it to build my own stock portfolio."
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Areas of Expertise
Logos & Trademarks
Passive Income
Asset Distribution Plans
Expense Optimization
Social Media Monetization
Also Specializing In
Business Planning
Generating Streams of Income
Target Profit Plans
Online Sales Automation
Negotiation & Pitches
Trevor Cassaberry is the Founder, CEO, and Lead Consultant of Cassaberry Consulting LLC. Trevor has grown Cassaberry Consulting to serve clients Nationally, and work with both
Local and International partners.
Cassaberry Consulting LLC. has become a leader in both corporate and investment portfolio management. Their success in these
financial sectors enabled their expansion into
Construction & Safety Inspection.
A native of New York City, Trevor Cassaberry earned a 
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from 
the University of Akron. 
His experience in Highway Construction Inspection and Finances
was the foundation for Cassaberry Consulting LLC.
Cassaberry Consulting LLC was founded as a medium for employees and owners to develop a common understanding of corporate finances and operations. We have found that when employees understand their tasks, from a corporate prospective, it leads to more proficient work and those employees become successful business owners.

Our mission at Cassaberry Consulting LLC is to assist all clientele in starting and managing their business or investment portfolio. We are dedicated to assisting our clients, by giving them direct access to specialist consultants who are experts and business owners in their industry. This is the most effective way to raise the financial security of any home, corporation, or nation.
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