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ONE TIME OFFER: "For the Hustler" is a collection of motivational thoughts, quotes, and stories meant to guide the modern-day entrepreneur & investor. As you wait for your book to arrive, here's your chance to get INSTANT & LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire "For the Hustler" Bundle. This bundle includes the eBook, Theme Song, Webinar Series, and a video explaining our 5 favorite quotes.

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Reviews From Current Clientele
"Working with Cassaberry Consulting, I was able to create my own 
writing and editing brand, I'm Akosua LLC.

We came up with products centered around my first book, Back To Kukurantumi
and my second book, Dear Nice Girl
-Akosua Nyantakyi
Harlem, NY 
CEO , I'm Akosua LLC.
"This is good stuff. It's always good to be able to connect with people that are knowledgeable on upward mobility and try to share the information and knowledge that has worked for them. 

It felt good to be able to sit back and let the expert speak..."
- Mario Armstrong
New York, NY
2-time Emmy Winner
CEO, The Never Settle Show
Receive a FREE COPY of
For the Hustler
For the Hustler is the debut book by Trevor Cassaberry,
CEO of Cassaberry Consulting LLC.

It serves as a conversational guide to
Turn Your Skill-set into your Hustle & any Resource into a Profit.

It includes 50 quotes, 50 passages, and 50 businesses you NEED to know.
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